Bloom Business Basics Bootcamp Week 11: Next Steps

Well, we have made it! 10 weeks of the Bloom Business Basics Bootcamp, and you should have a super solid foundation built for your growing business.

If you missed any of the prior weeks, you can see the full series here.

Ok, so now what? 

It’s August, and that means we are looking straight ahead at the 2020 holiday shopping/sales season.

If the rest of the year goes anything like the beginning of the year has, then I can reliably predict one thing:

NOTHING is guaranteed.

If you are someone who typically sells at art/craft/vintage fairs, you are likely going to find yourself with a LOT more open Saturdays than you are used to at this time of year.

If you have a brick and mortar shop, you are saddled not only with the ever-changing health department regulations, but with a whole new level of social responsibility and an ever-growing uncertainty about how your store is going to get the sales (while keeping safe, secure, and socially-distanced!).

In October 2019, I started the Bloom: Grow Your Handmade Business Online free facebook community as a temporary group for a Holiday Prep Challenge I was running. For 4 weeks, the group focused on working on a different part of our business, ultimately leading up to being fully prepared for the holiday show season.

This year, holiday sales season preparation is going to take a little longer and it’s going to look a LOT different...but I am CONFIDENT that you can not only be profitable, but even GROW your business!

Here are the facts:

  1. Your customers are STILL wanting to buy from you
  2. Now more than ever, shoppers are going out of their way to support small businesses
  3. You CAN build your business up this season without stepping foot outside of your home
  4. Things will be different...but that *could* just mean better!

With that being said...

I am officially announcing the 2020 Holiday Prep Challenge!!!! 

Pivot to Profit: How to Think and Act Like a Profitable Handmade Business Owner

This challenge is going to focus on prepping YOU as a business owner to get ready for a digital holiday season (and beyond!). Challenge topics include:

  1. Diving into personality types and customizing your entrepreneurial journey
  2. Overcoming unique mindset challenges you face as a handmade business owner
  3. Organizing yourself and your business to make space for abundance
  4. Exactly what steps you need to take to launch into the 2020 (online) Holiday season with confidence 

Starting on Monday August 17, the challenge topics will be emailed out each Monday mornings as a weekly blog post, listing out  a snack sized task for each day of that week. 

There will be daily posts, prompts, and discussions in the Facebook group (so make sure you join to get ALL of the awesome support the group hive mind has to offer!). 

At the end of this challenge series, I am going to be reopening the doors to my signature course Bloom: Grow Your Handmade Business Online.

As a subscriber, YOU will get first crack and a seat in this student group, plus I will have some AMAZING new bonuses that will give you the tools you need to level up your entire online presence just in time for the 2020 holiday season.

Welcome to a new era my friends...I’m excited to see your business BLOOM! 


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