Pivot to Profit Week 1 Day 2: Get some inspiration

Well hello again my friend!  Sending another virtual high-five to you...look at you showing up for day 2 like a BOSS!

Hopefully yesterday’s exercise got you thinking some pretty exciting thoughts: dreaming about what can happen is a great way to spark inspiration.


Speaking of inspiration...today you are going to be intentional about choosing your muses and how to learn from the pros. 

Today’s Task:

I want you to go out and find three businesses that totally inspire you: these would be the businesses that you would love to be in charge of. Their energy resonates with you: a mere peek at their website makes you feel like they are speaking directly to you.  

These businesses don’t necessarily need to be in your niche or industry, we are going more for an overall vibe here (#goals). Things to consider (and jot down in your challenge workbook):

  1. How does their messaging/website make YOU feel as a potential customer?
  2. What exactly is it that you are attracted to? Is it the color? The images? The design? The story?
  3. If you want to dig a little deeper, check in on their social media sites. How are they interacting with their audience? Is the tone and feel consistent with their website? Can you pick up on any special patterns or “personality” features that make them stand out? 

I want to be suuuuper clear here on one point: this task is not intended as a “let's find someone to copy” task...because, well, that’s just not cool and I’d never tell you to do something that wasn’t legit. (of course you know that already, but I still have to put it out there!)

You are an entrepreneur, my friend.. What you are doing here is taking part in an exercise where you are visualizing your future...you are setting goals and seeking out what it will look like when YOU get there in your business. Think of this as your “roadmap”: you are setting your sights on something great!

We would love to see who inspires you: when you have done some digging, come on over to today's post in the group and let us know who your inspirations are!


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