Pivot to Profit Week 1 Day 3: Confidence as an Entrepreneur

Ok, now you are officially on a roll...it’s day 3 and, by now, you should be starting to get really excited about the possibilities that lay ahead!

I really can’t stress this enough to you: showing up for yourself and for your business really does lay the foundation for everything that lies ahead. You simply cannot do great things until you show up...and that’s exactly what you are doing now. Doesn’t it feel good?!

I want to take today’s post to talk with you about confidence.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention here that all artists struggle with confidence in our work...it’s just part of the process. I’ve been in this game 10 years, and I still get that “meh” feeling sometimes when I’m creating.

That’s not what this post is about, though. 

This post is about confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur (I also kind of love the term craftpreneur...but I digress)

Yes, if you are reading this post, you are indeed an entrepreneur! Doesn’t that sound so...legit?

You absolutely have what it takes to run your own business. You have all of the tools you need, and nowadays it’s easier than ever to get the “business” side of your creative empire set up.

(side note: I walked through all of the steps of setting up a business in my Bloom Business Basics Bootcamp blog series: you can see all of those posts here)

Business ownership is really akin to being an artist: you get an idea, then you bring that idea to life in a way that is uniquely yours. There’s a real freedom that comes from being able to put yourself into a position where you create something from nothing! 

Now, you might be thinking “yeah...but I’m not really an entrepreneur because I don’t do this full-time”.

Let’s just cross that thought right out. The amount of time you spend in your business has nothing to do with your status as an entrepreneur. Your sales total also has nothing to do with your status as an entrepreneur.

You, showing up for yourself like a boss (there’s a reason that’s such a popular term!), has everything to do with it. 

An entrepreneur, simply put, is someone who creates a new business, taking on all of the risks and reaping all of the rewards.

Yup, that’s you

Today’s task:

This one is fun!

I want you to think about what you’d like to refer to yourself as in your business. This of course isn’t set in stone, but it’s going to get you into the habit of addressing yourself as “the boss” (because, if you don’t...no one else will, either!).

If this one stumps you, start by digging into your emails, particularly emails that you get from other business owners you look up to. How are they “signing off” at the end of the email? Is there a title in there? (there are also a few examples for you on today’s page in the challenge workbook)

You can also find some golden nuggets in the “about” section of websites...check around on some of your favorite artists’ sites and see what they have to say.

Here are a few of my favorites:

✓ Carrie Nardini, founder of the I Made It! Market and Neighborhood Flea, signs off her emails as “Market-ress”

✓ Jeanne Cherry, owner of juNxtaposition, calls herself “chick in charge”

✓ Karyn Pope, owner of Inclined Designs, introduces herself as “the mastermind behind Inclined Designs” (say it out loud...it’s fun!)

✓ Ashlyn Carter, copywriter and owner of Ashlyn Writes, is “The OG Copywriter for Creatives”

Those are just a few to get your ideas flowing. Have fun with this one! When you get an idea (or two or three) come on over into the group and post it. I am working on coming up with a new one for myself too!


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