Pivot to Profit Week 1 Day 4: Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset

Well helloooooo there! It’s day 4 of the challenge and you are right on time. 


This week has been awesome! So far, you have established that 1) you have serious biz goals, 2) you ARE a boss, and  3) you will be addressed as a boss. 

Now that you are firmly seated in the driver’s seat, I want to talk to you about a popular mindset topic:

Abundance mindset versus scarcity mindset.

You may have heard the terms “abundance mindset” and “scarcity” mindset in the past...this whole mindset thing seems to have just popped up on the radar in recent years despite having always been a very real part of life.

An abundance mindset means that you operate from a place of focusing on the limitless possibilities in life without entertaining the negativity that might try to get in the way. 


It means that you know that there is room for everyone at the table, and that someone else’s successes or failures do not (in any way) impact your own. 


An abundance mindset takes work. It comes from a place of love: you are creating a future with excitement and hope and all of the positive energies that go with every possibility that lies ahead. 

Now as a creative entrepreneur, you might have gotten stuck in the trap of comparing yourself to others, especially if you are in a crowded niche like, say, jewelry making (Yup, I’m over here raising my hand as a jewelry maker). 

You might have thought...there’s no way I can sell as much as (insert name of another rockstar business owner here), or even worse, (insert name of another rockstar business owner here) makes what *I* make...now I’ll never sell anything.

That, my friend, is what is referred to as a scarcity mindset

With a scarcity mindset, there is the (untrue) belief that there isn’t enough of *whatever* to go around. It leaves you feeling stressed, anxious, and unmotivated. 

A scarcity mindset is easy. It’s like a wide open trap in the middle of your path that you can walk right into without even knowing it. 

When you are operating in a scarcity mindset, every decision you make is rooted in fear. 

Fear of failure. 


Fear of success.


Fear of the unknown.


Instead of focusing your efforts on attaining something wonderful, you are focusing your efforts on avoiding something terrible. Do you see the difference there?

In one scenario you are looking ahead, and in the other you are always looking backwards.

Which way would you rather look?

Today’s Task:

It’s another pen and paper task, and this one takes a decent bit of effort!

Take a good look at what your thoughts and beliefs are about your business and your potential as an entrepreneur. Be honest and raw here: this is for your eyes only. Write down your thoughts and then check yourself: are those thoughts coming from a place of abundance...or of scarcity? If scarcity, how can you change that?

Here’s an example:

“I think that I would like to sell my art full time, but I could never charge enough to make a sustainable living”. (scarcity)

“I would like to sell my art full time, just like (name of successful artist you know/follow). I can create a plan to take the steps to do that!)” (abundance)

This isn’t about being unrealistic, it’s about being positive. The only person who can control your thoughts is...YOU! Being in an abundance mindset takes work, every day. It’s messy and imperfect, but it moves you and your business forward.

Thinking about abundance, come on over to the group and let us know what you would do if ANYTHING was possible! 


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