Pivot to Profit Week 1 Day 5: Setting an Affirmation

I am officially congratulating you for doing some suuuuper heavy emotional lifting during this challenge week!

You are showing up and doing the hard work, and I promise you, it is going to pay off in your business. 


You have dug deep into yourself and (hopefully) have started to get comfortable in the driver’s seat of your future. 

In preparation for next week’s challenge topic (organization!), and beyond, you are going to take some time and create some affirmations!


An affirmation is a simple, positive statement that you make, declaring your goal as though you have already reached it. Put another way, you say your goal out loud as if it was already true. 


It’s a practical, reachable goal, that you can attain by following through with an actionable plan. 


Now this might sound a little “woo woo”...and it kind of is. 


Stick with me, though.


There are 4 basic steps you go through to make your dreams a reality. It’s the same 4 steps whether your dreams are positive or negative, which is why we are always working to come from a mindset of abundance.


  1. Your beliefs become your thoughts. (this is the mindset part)
  2. Your thoughts become your words (this is the affirmation part).
  3. Your words become your actions (this is the carrying out the plan part).
  4. Your actions become your habits (this is the reaching your goal part). 


An example of an affirmation is, “I have a successful, thriving business. My customers are happy and come back to purchase from me time and time again.”


Another example is “I am a unique and healthy person”. 


Can you see how that could work? 


You might feel a little bit silly saying them out loud, but speaking those words out into the world makes them real. You are cutting a path for yourself to walk down: creating the first steps of a plan of action that will take you directly to your goals. 

Today’s task:

Think about where you want to be in your business. 


What would it look like in a perfect world? Would you be selling 100% online, without having to hustle every weekend at shows? Would you have more time for your family? Would you be able to finally ditch that 9 to 5?


I want you to draft an affirmation that is directly related to your business’ goals and where you want to be. Write it in your workbook, and then say it out loud (don’t skip the “say it out loud” part!). You can choose to share in the group if you are comfortable, but if not, it’s ok to keep this to yourself. Just make sure you are able to say it with confidence and conviction: YOU have to believe it in order for it to be possible!

When you are done, keep moving on that positive energy to come into the group and let us know what your PERFECT, DREAM show schedule would look like. The sky's the limit here!

Next week, we are going to be diving into getting organized (both in your mind and in your physical space), and I find that knowing your personality type can give some really interesting insight into organization styles and preferences.



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