Pivot to Profit Week 3 Day 1: A Breakdown of Buzzwords

First things first:

You made it to week 3 of the challenge!!!!!!

 Cue the confetti, I am celebrating YOU right now!

So far, you have worked on getting into a good business mindset, you have gotten some of your most important business elements organized and ready, and now we are ready to get into the juicy fun.

Week 3 of the challenge is all about scheduling and content. 

Before we dive into that, though, I wanted to take a step back and talk about something that can sometimes be a stumbling block: 


Buzzwords are those weird little words and phrases that people “in the biz” use that can sometimes be...confusing. 


Things like “funnel” and “content” and “lead magnet”. The words themselves make sense...but what the heck do they MEAN?!


Today I wanted to put out a little list of the most common “buzzwords” that I see (and use) to hopefully help you to have at least one “ah-ha!” moment. 


The Buzziest Buzzwords in the Business:

  • Analytics
    • Analytics are the reports that you get from a site that give you the data related to things like website site visitors, 
  • Content
    • All of the pictures and words that you put out into the world
  • Creative
    • The picture/graphic part of something, usually an ad graphic
  • CTA
    • “Call To Action”, a word or short phrase that gives the reader a direction to do something (“click here”, “buy now”, “join today”)
  • Customer acquisition cost
    • This is how much it costs you to get a new customer to the point where he/she purchases from you. This includes advertising costs as well as any other costs for marketing that you have (including salary and such)
  • Evergreen
    • Something that is constantly available and/or constantly renewing
  • Header/Footer
    • The top and bottom of a webpage or document
  • Hero image
    • A large, eye-catching image at the top of a webpage
  • ESP
    • Email Service Provider: a system that allows users to send email campaigns to lists of subscribers as well as collect new subscriber information.
  • Favicon
    • The small icon that is associated with a URL that appears in the web browser’s address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list
  • Funnel
    • The entire customer journey, from the point where they first come in contact with your business to the point when they make a purchase
  • Impressions
    • On social media, impressions are the number of times your content is displayed (not how many times it was clicked on)
  • Landing page
    • A landing page is a standalone webpage that is usually designed for a marketing or advertising campaign. In our business, we use landing pages to collect customer name and email information. 
  • Lead Magnet
    • An incentive for a customer to give you their name an email address, such as a discount code, a free download, or another item of value
  • Messaging
    • The feeling of the content that you are putting out into the world; the “message” you are sending
  • On Brand
    • Being “on brand” means that something is in direct alignment with your brand’s personality: it’s so perfectly YOU that anyone could quickly identify it as yours (or as associated with you)
  • Pop up form
    • The email signup form that “pops up” over your website’s page when a visitor views the page
  • POS System
    • Point of Sale System: this is the system that you use for your customers to make payment in person (such as Square or the PayPal reader) 
  • Targeting
    • This is how you choose which audience you want your content to be shown to
  • TL;DR
    • Too Long, Didn’t Read : It’s used to either say that you didn’t read a long text, or it is used to introduce a short summary of really long text that follows
  • Wireframe
    • This term is used to describe the visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website. Wireframing your site using Google Docs, for example, allows you to write and lay out your copy before putting it onto a live website. 


Today’s task:

Take note of some of the buzzwords that you are hearing/seeing most often. We’re all in the same boat here, I would like you to pop into the group on today’s post and comment with a buzzword (or words) that you either aren’t sure about, just learned about, or really love to use yourself!


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