Pivot to Profit Week 3 Day 4: Batching your Content

Well hellooooooo Thursday! You are really a challenge rockstar, ya know that?!

Snaps for showing UP, because this challenge really is a lot of work.

I’m going to have to go back through the posts for this week and see how many times I said the word “content”...( I see a party game potential here!)

It’s coming at you again: today we are going to take yesterday’s content calendar framework and build on that with batching your content.



You may or may not know that, in my own handmade business, I make jewelry. Specifically, I make bespoke statement pieces using upcycled vintage costume jewelry. Nothing can be replicated, as each piece is authentically vintage. 


While each individual piece is one of a kind, I batch as much of my work as possible so that I can be efficient, consistent, and productive. For example, when I am making my signature collage necklaces, I will sit with my vintage baubles and create 20-30 collage “plates” (that’s what I call them) at a time. Then, on another day, I’ll come back and bead them. Then, on another day, I’ll photograph all of them.


The thing is...it doesn’t take me that much longer to make 20 necklaces as it does for me to make 1. It sounds crazy, but once I’m in that frame of mind and all of my materials are out and accessible, I can pump them out.



That same principle applies to batching content. 

It won’t take you much longer to create 20 graphics than it does for you to create one, because once you are in that design frame of mind, the ideas flow.

It won’t take you much longer to write 20 social media captions than it does for you to write one, because once you are in the flow of writing, you can stay in that rhythm and voice (which actually makes for a MUCH more engaging social media feed!). 



Let's pretend for a moment that each of your social media channels is a road that leads customers to your website. It is your job, through your content and your marketing, to keep these roads maintained and in good working order so that your customers can smoothly travel down them and get right to your website. 

The only thing is...there’s only one of you, and you can’t spend ALL of your time on emails and Facebook posts and Instagram feeds (well, you COULD...but it’s not good for productivity). 


So now you are in a place where you *should* be actively maintaining all of these “roads”, but there simply aren’t enough hours.


The great thing about batching your content is that you can really start to create a cohesive story with your posts. You aren’t randomly popping in to post something that doesn’t make sense: you are now crafting a series of posts that will come across as more cohesive and connected. 


You will fill up your content calendar with the posts that you have created (both the graphics and the wording), which is going to get you prepared to either live post (which isn’t SUPER efficient) or schedule posts (which we will dive into tomorrow).

Today’s task:

Building on yesterday’s content calendar outline, use the challenge workbook page to start to create some graphics that will go along with the “themes” that you identified in your planning.


If you are on a roll, you can also start to draft out some of your post wording. These are the captions that will go along with the photos you will post. (I do this in a Google Doc so I can easily copy and paste it into the spreadsheet...plus it spell checks for you!)


Speaking of photos and graphics...where are you getting the pictures and videos you post? Come on over to the group and let us know how you create the visual part of your content


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