Pivot to Profit Week 3 Day 5: Scheduling your Content

Friday Fri-yay!

You have OFFICIALLY made it to the end of week 3, and if you weren’t already, you should be feeling like a BOSS.


At this point, you *might* be feeling a little overwhelmed. Last week’s tasks of getting organized were a lot of work, and the idea of creating (and sharing) all of this content can be...a little much.


I absolutely get it. For a long time, this was my basic social media content process:

The circle of shame. It can be applied to many processes in life, lol...being an adult is hard.


So what’s the secret to breaking this circle?




Now you, my friend, are wayyyyy ahead of the pack already, because you have already started to think about your production/promotion schedule, lay out your content calendar, and batch-create your content.


Say whaaaat?! Yeah, that’s pretty real-deal right there.



The next step in saving yourself a LOT of time is pre-scheduling your content. 


How does it work?


You take that content calendar plan and you just start plugging your pre-created content into the appropriate channel (i.e., Facebook posts on Facebook, Instagram posts on Instagram, etc).



There are MANY social media scheduling tools that you can use for this, but for the sake of simplicity I am going to tell you about two.


The first option is Facebook’s free Creator Studio. This app allows you to pre schedule your business Facebook and Instagram posts (you have to have business accounts in order to use this tool: it won’t work on personal pages). You just start plugging in pictures and captions, choose the time, and then watch as the posts go live!



The second option and my preferred social media scheduling tool is called Later, which allows you to schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The free plan gives you 30 posts per channel per month, which is PLENTY if you are just getting up to speed on scheduling! Later has a very user-friendly calendar style layout, allowing you to upload your graphics then drag them right over into the time slot of your choice. 



With both of these, you can go as far out as you wish (for Later you can upgrade to a paid plan for more monthly posts if you prefer), making your life a LOT easier and your social media a LOT more active. I suggest starting by scheduling out a few days or a week to see how it goes, get the hang of it, see what changes you’d make...then go from there!



Today’s task:

Check out Creator Studio and/or Later and take them for a test drive! Try to schedule a couple of posts and see how they turn out. As you get familiar with the systems, you can schedule in time once or twice a month to schedule all of your content (which you can batch-create ahead of time!) and really level up your social media strategy!


Make sure you visit today’s post in the group and let us know if you prefer Creator Studio, Later, or if there’s another system that works best for you!


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