Pivot to Profit Week 4 Day 1: Good Products & Good Photos

YOU have officially made it to week 4 of the Pivot to Profit Challenge! 

By showing up day after day and doing the HARD work, you have put more effort into your business than the vast majority of other handmade sellers. 


Feelings become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become habits.


Throughout this challenge, you have moved through this process to get into a mindset for success and abundance and get your business organized and ready to move forward.

In this final week, we are going to be diving into what you need to do in order to have a successful, thriving online business.

I want to take a moment to pause and mourn the 2020 Fall/holiday show season that could have been. 

I know that I had a pretty stellar 2020 planned, with an amazing show lineup that had me on track to really knock this year out of the park.


Out of alllll of the scenarios I could have predicted, global pandemic was NOT one of them. 


But, here we are, with an opportunity to move forward and grow in a new and exciting way. I’m missing my “art/craft fair people” and all of the fun stuff that goes with having a GREAT show...but man am I happy that I haven’t had to drag my tents, tables, and general show setup around this year. 


Side note: I HATE setting up that tent.  

Ok, on to more exciting things: what you need to do to have a rockin’ 2020 fall/holiday season!

Today we are going to talk about the very first things you need: a great product and great photos of your great product.



Being that you are here, in week 4 of this challenge, I am pretty sure you have honed your skills and have gorgeous art to sell. That’s the hard part, and you’ve nailed it! 


The quality of your product should be constantly improving. The more attention you pay in the details, the better your end product will be. 


After 10 years of making jewelry, I am still constantly working to hone and refine my final product. 



Now if you were setting up that beautiful work at a show, you’d have crowds of customers in your booth, looking at your work, seeing its size and scale, appreciating the details, and ultimately finding it irresistible.


When you are trying to sell online, that piece of the customer journey is missing...so you have to do the best you can to recreate it with photography. 



What does that mean?


Ideally, your customer would have the same experience on your website as they would in your show booth. That’s the goal. 


(spoiler alert: this is one of the first topics I dive into in my course, Get Online, Grow Online! At the end of this week, you are going to get a very special early bird offer if you decide you want to invest in your business and jump up to the next level of online selling)


As you are preparing to sell primarily online, you should be paying close attention to what makes YOU as a shopper click the “buy it now” button when you are shopping online.


It’s always the subtle details that you are looking for...they make all the difference. 



Today’s task:

What is your process for quality control (QC) when you are creating? Are there any small features that you could refine, or have you nailed it? Come on over to today's post in the group and let us know what your QC process is! 


This can be a little bit uncomfortable, but take a critical eye and look over your work...think about what it will look like when someone zooms in on it in an extreme closeup on their computer screen (yes, customers do that!). 


If you are feeling especially brave, ask a friend or colleague if they would give you a quality control review (but only if it’s a friend who can REALLY give you authentic feedback). 


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