Pivot to Profit Week 4 Day 4: A Way to Reach your Audience

Can I just pause here to say that YOU are a star. 

You have made it all the way through the challenge, and for that you deserve a hearty (socially-distanced virtual) high-five.


This is a lot of information to take in in a fairly short period of time, but here you are! 


You said YES, this IS going to be the year my handmade business kicks some butt online. 


You, my friend, ARE in the right place.



Today’s topic is a way to reach your audience.


Now, you might be thinking…”mmmkay Lucy, didn’t you just drone on and on yesterday about social media and reaching my people there?”


Why yes, yes I did. I stand by that.


There’s a next step to that, though: in order to get your social media followers to become your customers, you need to get them onto your website and more importantly, onto your email list



Now here’s an ironic story that I have to share:


In one of the modules of my course (which you’ll get a look at tomorrow!), I talk about the importance of building an email list starting with the question:


“What would you do if your BEST show of the year was cancelled?”


I go on to talk about how that happened to me (it really did, before COVID...it was the Country Living Fair) but I didn’t panic because I have built my email list at shows and was able to reach out and contact many of the people who have shopped with me at that event.


Little did I know that, a few months later, that scenario would play out for just about every artist and crafter I knew. 



Now let's expand that scenario out...what would you do if your most active social media channel suddenly shut down?


How would you reach those people?


I have had my business Facebook page for bel monili since 2010, so I have had a LONG time to build up a following. In 2016 I expanded to have a group, where my “best followers” (i.e., the people who buy from me) could come to get special deals, peeks at my work, etc. 


It worked great.


But...then I started to realize...what if Facebook closed down tomorrow? Sure, I might have some miscellaneous information for a few people who have bought from me, but what about the rest of them?


Here’s the truth: the only thing you will ever have 100% control over is your email list. 


No one can take it away from you, no one can cut off your access, nothing can “shut it down” or cancel it. Your email list belongs to you...and it is going to be the lifeblood of your online business.



Now if you’re thinking: “well crap, I don’t HAVE a list…” don’t worry.


A LOT of handmade sellers are in that boat. I mean, who in the world would have thought that there would be NO shows?!


Building your email list and using it to nurture customers is one of the core pillars of the Get Online, Grow Online course. We dive deep into the ins and outs of building (and USING) that list to grow your business.



Normally, you as a handmade seller have a unique advantage in the list-building process because you would be able to meet people at fairs and shows: that’s what we call a warm audience


When someone meets you (or even better, buys from you) at a show and then they sign up to be on your list, you are already MILES ahead of the pack. 


They have met you in person and you have made that 1:1 connection. That is extremely valuable!

This year, that process is going to be different (this is part of the “pivoting” people keep talking about). 


The “meet in person” part is going to be moved online with consistent, engaging social media content, live videos, and strategically inviting your audience to join your email list. 



Today’s task:

Do you have an email list? If that’s a yes, then bonus points for you! If it’s a no, then I am going to challenge you to look around and see if you can start to build one. Are there customers who have purchased from you in the past and you have their contact info? Have you invited your social media followers to join your list? Download this quick guide for email here to help you brainstorm some ideas, and let us know on today's group post if you do (or don't!) have an email list going. 


Now this is where things get exciting: if you are at the point where you are ready to take these actions in your business, but you need a step-by-step guide of exactly what to do and HOW do to it...then Get Online, Grow Online is going to be PERFECT for you. (Click the image below to get on the waitlist!)



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