The Best Planners for Handmade Business Owners 2022

organization Sep 19, 2021

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I just love a good planner! As someone who finds comfort in organizing and list-making, a paper planner is like a security blanket. Plus, I get to be creative with my planner, using color and stickers to make it something I love to look at and work in. And with a new year around the bend, I wanted to find the best planners for handmade business owners! 


These planners are my favorites, plus recommendations from other handmade business owners in the Bloom Facebook group


Use this list to find the best planner for you and your business, and start the new year with fresh pages and an organized mind!


Here we go!


My Favorite Planner for My Personal Life: The Happy Planner


The Happy Planner is my favorite planner for all my personal organizing, so I had to include it on this list! 



They have a ton of beautiful designs to choose from, including Disney planner designs. There are a variety of sizes and styles to fit whatever you need.


You can choose from dated and undated versions, as well as layouts. There are also extension packs that you can add to your planner for meal planning, faith, budgeting and crafting.


And don’t forget the stickers! They have so many to choose from. Overall this planner is extremely versatile as well as pretty.

My Favorite Planner for My Small Business: The Full Focus Planner


The Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt is perfect for business planning. It is a task-orientated planner, with a system for identifying your top priorities and then planning how to achieve them.


The Weekly Preview and Review gives you the opportunity to go over what worked well and what needs improvement. You can then plan out your week with new goals.



The Full Focus Planner includes goal worksheets as well, so you can really zoom in on what you want to achieve and plan out exactly what you need to do to get there.


One option that I love is the short list of action items per day. I tend to get overwhelmed with super long to-do lists. This planner gets rid of the overwhelm! It helps me narrow down my list to just the essential tasks I need to complete, which makes it easier for me to get them done.


The Full Focus Planner is a 90-day planner, so you will need to purchase a new one each quarter, but I feel it’s well worth it as it’s really helped me focus and organize my business.


Now is the perfect time to start focusing on your goals, especially for the holidays! If you're starting to plan out your marketing strategy, using a planner makes it so much easier, I think.

One of the Best Planners for Small Business: Bloom Daily Planners


I had to include these planners, just for the name itself! A Facebook group recommendation, the Bloom Daily Planner is an affordable and pretty option.


They offer both hardcover and softcover versions, as well as dated and undated planners. Their planners include monthly vision boards, and hand-lettered quotes. 



The Vision Planners give you lots of space for writing out your yearly mission statement, values and goals, ideal week planning, affirmations and more.


They also carry a variety of sticker packages to make your planner pages fun and colorful.

Another Great Planner for Handmade Business Owners: MäksēLife Planners


This is another recommendation from the Facebook group. Similar to the Full Focus Planner, MäksēLife planners have detailed goal-setting pages, with 21 pages of instructions so you can be super focused on your goals.


Mäksē is pronounced “moxie” - which means energy, determination and know-how. A fitting name for a goal-setting planner, I think!



These planners come with a few different cover art options. But they only come dated, and they release their yearly planners in November.


They also provide stickers for their planners, although they are more functional and less artistic than other planner stickers.

Imperfect Inspiration: Planners for People Who Don’t Do Planners


The planners designed by Imperfect Inspiration are made for people who are neurodivergent, such as those with ADHD. They also have a planner specifically designed for small business owners!



These fun planning pages have spaces for goals, content marketing (yay!), tracking sales, habits, and more.


You can even choose to download the pages and print them yourself, or get a laminated planner that is customized for what you want to include.


One especially cool option is a scratch-off reward chart! Use it to set a big goal and then break it down into steps. After finishing each step, you get to scratch off a circle. What a great way to motivate yourself!

The Legend Planner: An Affordable Option for Business Owners


The Legend Planner is a great option under $30 that gives you everything you need to be organized and prioritize your goals.


It includes pages to set and work on yearly goals, and monthly pages that give you the space to work on that month’s tasks.


There are 8 pages of yearly and monthly goal-setting and vision pages. Plus, you get bullet journal type pages in the back of the planner for note-taking and doodling.



The Legend Planner also comes with sticker sheets, and has pockets for holding important papers. The planners are undated, which makes them the perfect choice for starting one mid-year. And you can choose from a 90-day planner or one that has more months.

Fall is the perfect time to start planning for your business’ new year. If you’re looking for a planner to help you organize, hopefully one of these suggestions will help! I’m sure you’ll find the best planner for your handmade business.

And if you’re not already a member of my Facebook group, why not join us? It’s free, and you’ll be in a group of other like-minded entrepreneurs who are there to share and support each other.




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