Pivot to Profit Week 4 Day 4: A Way to Reach your Audience

Can I just pause here to say that YOU are a star. 

You have made it all the way through the challenge, and for that you deserve a hearty (socially-distanced virtual) high-five.


This is a lot of information to take in in a fairly short period of time, but here you are! 


You said YES, this IS going to be the year my handmade business kicks some butt online. 


You, my friend, ARE in the right place.



Today’s topic is a way to reach your audience.


Now, you might be thinking…”mmmkay Lucy, didn’t you just drone on and on yesterday about social media and reaching my people there?”


Why yes, yes I did. I stand by that.


There’s a next step to that, though: in order to get your social media followers to become your customers, you need to get them onto your website and more importantly, onto your email list



Now here’s an ironic story that I have to share:

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Pivot to Profit Week 4 Day 3: A Way to Share Your Work

Last week, we talked about content creation and organization, including how to batch and schedule your social media posts.


Today’s topic dives a little bit deeper into that, because it’s important that you are using these social media channels to share your work as well as to nurture your audience. 



Essentially, you don’t want to be sharing only funny memes, but you also don’t want to be sharing only pictures of your art. Neither one of those works very well if you are trying to build up a brand and a relationship with your audience.

Social media is a touchy subject because it’s a LOT of work, it can take up a LOT of time (but not for you...because now you know how to batch and schedule!), and it can sometimes be difficult to know whether or not the effort is worth it.



Handmade sellers like you and I have historically been reliant on art fairs, craft shows, vintage shows, swap meets...whatever you prefer to...

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Pivot to Profit Week 4 Day 2: A Place to Sell Your Work

Welcome to day 2 of the last week of this challenge! 

This week we are touching on the big things you need to have in place in order to be ready for a successful and profitable online fall/holiday sales season.



With a high quality product and crisp, clear photos nailed down, your next step is to have a PLACE online where you can sell your work. 


If you are new to selling online and you haven’t really committed to one particular platform (i.e., Shopify, Weebly/Square, Wix, Etsy, Amazon Handmade, etc) then I would recommend taking some time to look into each one and see what the best fit is. There are LOTS of different options, and each one comes with its own set of pluses and minuses.

Check out Week 7 of the Business Basics Bootcamp for a rundown of each of these options and see which one(s) you might want to dive deeper into.


I am admittedly partial to Shopify (it’s what I teach in my course: I use it myself and I am thrilled...

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Pivot to Profit Week 4 Day 1: Good Products & Good Photos

YOU have officially made it to week 4 of the Pivot to Profit Challenge! 

By showing up day after day and doing the HARD work, you have put more effort into your business than the vast majority of other handmade sellers. 


Feelings become thoughts, thoughts become words, words become actions, and actions become habits.


Throughout this challenge, you have moved through this process to get into a mindset for success and abundance and get your business organized and ready to move forward.

In this final week, we are going to be diving into what you need to do in order to have a successful, thriving online business.

I want to take a moment to pause and mourn the 2020 Fall/holiday show season that could have been. 

I know that I had a pretty stellar 2020 planned, with an amazing show lineup that had me on track to really knock this year out of the park.


Out of alllll of the scenarios I could have predicted, global pandemic was NOT one of them. 


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Pivot to Profit Week 3 Day 5: Scheduling your Content

Friday Fri-yay!

You have OFFICIALLY made it to the end of week 3, and if you weren’t already, you should be feeling like a BOSS.


At this point, you *might* be feeling a little overwhelmed. Last week’s tasks of getting organized were a lot of work, and the idea of creating (and sharing) all of this content can be...a little much.


I absolutely get it. For a long time, this was my basic social media content process:

The circle of shame. It can be applied to many processes in life, lol...being an adult is hard.


So what’s the secret to breaking this circle?




Now you, my friend, are wayyyyy ahead of the pack already, because you have already started to think about your production/promotion schedule, lay out your content calendar, and batch-create your content.


Say whaaaat?! Yeah, that’s pretty real-deal right there.



The next step in saving yourself a LOT of time is pre-scheduling your...

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Pivot to Profit Week 3 Day 4: Batching your Content

Well hellooooooo Thursday! You are really a challenge rockstar, ya know that?!

Snaps for showing UP, because this challenge really is a lot of work.

I’m going to have to go back through the posts for this week and see how many times I said the word “content”...( I see a party game potential here!)

It’s coming at you again: today we are going to take yesterday’s content calendar framework and build on that with batching your content.



You may or may not know that, in my own handmade business, I make jewelry. Specifically, I make bespoke statement pieces using upcycled vintage costume jewelry. Nothing can be replicated, as each piece is authentically vintage. 


While each individual piece is one of a kind, I batch as much of my work as possible so that I can be efficient, consistent, and productive. For example, when I am making my signature collage necklaces, I will sit with my vintage baubles and create 20-30 collage...

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Pivot to Profit Week 3 Day 3: “What is a Content Calendar?”

Boy, yesterday was a real eye-opener, wasn’t it?

Even if you are already super solid on your content and messaging, it’s always good to take time to review your content and make sure that what you are creating is in alignment with the message that you want to be sending.

Last week, we talked all about organizing and setting systems for yourself and in your business so that you can free up your time and energy to focus on creating. 

Today, we are talking about your social media content calendar and why it’s important to have one.

Social media and email marketing are going to be the two biggest drivers of customer traffic to your website, so it makes sense to say that these are the places where you need to be sharing new content regularly.

A content calendar is a simply a plan for what content you are going to share, where you will share it, and when it will be shared. Today we are talking about a social media content calendar, but you can apply the same...

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Pivot to Profit Week 3 Day 2: “What is Content?”

If you read yesterday’s challenge post, then you already know what content is!

For the sake of being repetitive (because practice makes perfect, right?), content includes anything valuable that you put out into the world to be consumed by a reader/viewer.


This includes things like:

  • Social media posts (both the picture/graphic and the wording)
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Signage (if in person)

Now that’s pretty generic information, and chances are you already knew at least some of that.

Content is an extremely important ingredient in your marketing strategy. 

What you put out into the world should attract someone who is your perfect customer and repel someone who is not your perfect customer. 

You might be thinking “WHAT?! I don’t want to repel anyone!”

Except...yes, you do want that.

You want your audience to be filled with people who know, like, and trust you...who LOVE every single thing you make and who scramble to be the first in line...

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Pivot to Profit Week 3 Day 1: A Breakdown of Buzzwords

First things first:

You made it to week 3 of the challenge!!!!!!

 Cue the confetti, I am celebrating YOU right now!

So far, you have worked on getting into a good business mindset, you have gotten some of your most important business elements organized and ready, and now we are ready to get into the juicy fun.

Week 3 of the challenge is all about scheduling and content. 

Before we dive into that, though, I wanted to take a step back and talk about something that can sometimes be a stumbling block: 


Buzzwords are those weird little words and phrases that people “in the biz” use that can sometimes be...confusing. 


Things like “funnel” and “content” and “lead magnet”. The words themselves make sense...but what the heck do they MEAN?!


Today I wanted to put out a little list of the most common “buzzwords” that I see (and use) to hopefully help you to have at least one...

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Pivot to Profit Week 2 Day 5: Organizing your Shipping

Big things are happening! You might be feeling just a *tad* overwhelmed with all of these organizational tasks this week...which I TOTALLY get. 

It’s a lot. 

If you had any of these pieces already nailed down then KUDOS to you, you are ahead of the pack! I personally am very good at having my space organized, not so good at having my business-y stuff (like systems) organized. I’m getting there, though!



I wanted to end this week’s challenge with something that you likely already have a plan for: organizing your shipping.


As you ramp up to the busy fall and holiday sales season, your shipping system needs to be running like a well-oiled machine. That means:

  1. Having all of the shipping supplies that you might need on hand
  2. Having all of these supplies corralled into the same place (a “shipping station” if you will
  3. Having a “system” for packing your products that ensures consistency, quality, and the best possible...
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