5 Tips for How to Fill up Your Event Schedule (For the Year!)

Well hey there friend, and welcome to the new year!


This is such an exciting time for everyone, but ESPECIALLY for handmade business owners like us.


January is the perfect time to sit down, set our goals, and lay out our plan for how we are going to achieve them.


A MAJOR part of that planning for us is having an event schedule.


Now, the new twist on the whole “event schedule” (notice I didn’t say “show schedule”, because it’s not all in-person shows anymore) is that we have to be ready and willing to shift over into an online space for selling if and when events are postponed or cancelled.


Looking at what’s going on in the art fair world as well as the rest of the world, it’s my opinion that in-person events aren’t going to make a meaningful comeback (meaning that they will be “on” and well-attended by buyers) until mid to late summer. 


That being said, January is still...

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Bloom Business Basics Bootcamp Week 2: Pricing for Profit

Ok, at this point let's say you’ve decided that YES, you ARE going to sell your craft. 


I am a pretty big fan of surveying your audience for opinion when it comes to habit, style, use, etc, but there’s one question that I can’t STAND to see:

“What do you think I can charge for this?”

It sends chills up my spine just reading it.


Well, to be perfectly honest, it really doesn’t matter what someone *thinks* you should or could charge for something. Thoughts and feelings have no place in your pricing strategy if you are indeed running a business. One of the biggest mistakes I see craft business owners make is using their materials cost as their retail price, and this is a pretty quick way to get into a financial hole. 

If you are selling as a hobbyist, you can price just to cover your materials and call it a day...but if you want this to be a revenue stream for you, you are going to have to become intimately aware of your...

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Bloom Business Basics Bootcamp Week 1: Can I Sell My Craft?

Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

“You should totally sell these!”  

“I LOVE your necklace! Wait..you MADE it???!!!”

“You should open an Etsy shop!”

“I bought something like that at a craft show…”


As a crafter, one of the most common struggles occurs when the urge (or suggestion) arises to sell your work. That little seed of an idea, once planted, can quickly take root in your artistic brain and grow wild and strong with potential (and doubt!).


There’s an inner dialogue...well, more of an inner ramble...that sounds something like this:


“ohh...I SHOULD totally sell these! 

I can’t believe she likes my (insert name of your art here) enough to buy it. 

Yup, I’m going into business! 

Wait...maybe she just said that because she was being nice. 

Would anyone even buy this? 

I don’t think anyone would buy this. 

No one is gonna buy...

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How to Set Up a Virtual Craft Fair

It looks like the 2020 spring art and craft show season has been cancelled…

...or HAS it?

If you are anything like me, you came into 2020 with a feeling of “yaaaassss….THIS is MY year! I am full of ideas and creativity and hope!”.

It felt GOOD. It felt RIGHT. It felt PROMISING.

Then, the world just kinda went ahead and fell apart. If ever there was a time to be in the soap business, now is it. This new coronavirus is spreading faster than wildfire and is twice as scary. For businesses like ours, it would be easy to sit back and say “well, that just about does it. I’m done.”

Let me be the first to say: this is NOT the end, my friend. Oh, no. This is the BEGINNING: the beginning of a new era. The beginning of a new world. The beginning of the new normal (I know...buzzword alert). 

It’s time to take your work, bust right through those fears, and get your business rolling online. If ever there was a time for you to get online, this...

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10 Ways You Can (Calmly) Prepare for Coronavirus at Craft Shows

art/craft fairs covid 19 Mar 07, 2020

Note: This is not intended to be medical advice. If you are ill or have concerns for your symptoms, please seek medical treatment from a licensed medical professional. 

As we head into the spring 2020 show season, it seems that there may be an unwelcome attendee: COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), symptoms of this virus include:



shortness of breath

Which, not coincidentally, is also the list of symptoms for many other illnesses at this time of year. The quick spread of the illness and the lack of information has been like fuel to the fire of panic, and in many of the artist and art fair groups, there have been seemingly endless conversations contemplating the potential impact of the virus on handmade businesses (and commerce in general), whether or not shows will be cancelled, and what to do to stay safe if the show DOES go on.

There are a few easy, fairly common-sense things YOU can do to keep...

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Holiday 2019 Business Prep Challenge Week 4 Emails

Week 4, Day 1:

Good morning: I can't BELIEVE this is the beginning of week 4!

I hope you have been enjoying the challenges so far and that they have helped you to get a kick start to your online holiday sales season. To review, we talked about email marketing in week 1, social media in week 2, eCommerce last week, and now this week we will talk about all things SHOW related! In particular, we will touch on show display tips, packaging tips, and product pricing. 

Today's task: Take a look at your schedule for the rest of the year: do you have enough packaging on hand? Bags, boxes, tissue, etc? You will save money by purchasing your packaging in bulk, and now is the time to get it all ordered before the holiday season. No one loves running to the dollar store the night before a show to get bags!

One of the great things about our group is that we are all here to share and learn from one another. Great packaging sources are something that can be helpful to everyone: feel free...

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