Business Mindset 101 for Craft Business Owners

mindset Jul 18, 2021

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Marketing. Pricing. Website. Packaging. These are the business tasks that fill a craft business owner’s days. But what about your business mindset? Is it on your list as well? 


The truth is, most business owners fail to see just how important their mindset is to the success of their business. 


Think about it: how can your business grow and succeed if YOU don’t believe in it? Why would a stranger fork over their hard-earned money to you if you don’t believe your creations are worth it? 


And yet, many of the craft business owners I meet and work with are filled with negative thoughts about their businesses. I hear:


  • My creations aren’t good enough to compete.
  • I don’t know how to sell.
  • I don’t want to ask too much for my pieces.
  • No one...
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