What Being Consistent Means to Your Handmade Business

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Have you ever heard the phrase “know, like, and trust”? 

There’s an unspoken rule of marketing and sales that says that people buy from who they know, like, and trust. 

Beyond just sales, though, the know, like, and trust factor stands true in pretty much every aspect of our lives. You build up your circle of trusted friends and advisors to learn from and lean on, whether it be for personal friendship or professional guidance.


As handmade sellers, we have a unique opportunity to build relationships with our customers due to the intimate nature of our product: a handcrafted item is a literal extension of the person who makes it. This opens up the door to really connect with someone on a more personal level, and in a relationship like that, the ONE thing you have to be is reliable...which...

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Scheduling Tools for Social Media

organization social media Mar 14, 2021

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Makers as entrepreneurs have such a unique set of responsibilities: not only do we have to manage the process of actually physically making our products (while many other product-based businesses simply order theirs), we have to manage all of the ‘business stuff’.


One of the most important non-making tasks in this business is content creation. Content is everything that you put out into the world: your social media posts, photos, videos, pins, blog posts, lives, etc.  


Part of having a strong online presence is being able to be found by your “Perfect Customer”, which means you have to regularly create and share content that will be enticing to them. I don’t mean just posting pictures of what you make...I’m talking about creating real, genuine conversations that...

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Time Blocking for Solopreneurs: How Makers get the Time to Make

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So much to make, so little time. This is the plight of every maker, right?

You are likely a solopreneur, meaning that you have to do ALL of the things…

Making your awesome stuff

Listing your awesome stuff on your website

Telling people about your awesome stuff

Interacting with the people who might buy your awesome stuff

Keeping track of how much you spend and earn in your business

Oh, and having a life outside of your business


The truth is, though: we all have the same 24 hours in a day (don’t you kind of HATE when people say that?!), it’s just that we all use it differently. 


Running a handmade business, being a business coach, having students, being a wife and a mom, and trying to squeeze in a socially-distanced social life is a true test of my ability to use effective time...

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4 Steps to Clean Up Your Digital Clutter

organization Feb 28, 2021
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Imagine this: 

You're ready to create some social media posts.

You’re feeling pretty pro right now, because you are going to schedule a few of them ahead of time and really do this whole “content creation” thing.
You have pictures saved, you’re gonna link to a few of your products, and you even have a little ‘inspiration’ folder from other posts you like. 
You sit down at your computer, open up your folders and…

Oh, yikes.

‘Where did I store that?’


‘What did I call that?’


I JUST freaking saw this thing...where the $*%! IS it?!

In these days of being ‘paperless’ and digital, it’s easier than ever to completely lose track of all of your digital assets.


Side note: I too have been...

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3 Tips for a Quick & Easy Workspace Refresh

organization Feb 16, 2021

So, 2021 is off to a rocky...but not terrible...start!


We had a great time at the 2021 Planning Workshop (if you didn’t make it to the planning session live, you can grab the workbook here: it’s never too late to set a plan!).


As we are passing the midpoint of this short, chilly month, this is the PERFECT time to get your workspace in order and get ready for the selling season to start to pick back up again.


Clearing out the excess junk is both physically and metaphorically cleansing: there are few things quite as inspiring as having a space that welcomes and has room for creativity.

Some quick tips for where to start:

1) Garbage

Sounds like a no-brainer, and that’s because it is. You’ll be shocked at how much of that clutter laying around in your workspace is actually garbage (or recycling). Start there, be ruthless, and chuck the excess.


“Level up” challenge: get rid of allll of that broken junk: the stuff you...

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5 Tips for How to Fill up Your Event Schedule (For the Year!)

Well hey there friend, and welcome to the new year!


This is such an exciting time for everyone, but ESPECIALLY for handmade business owners like us.


January is the perfect time to sit down, set our goals, and lay out our plan for how we are going to achieve them.


A MAJOR part of that planning for us is having an event schedule.


Now, the new twist on the whole “event schedule” (notice I didn’t say “show schedule”, because it’s not all in-person shows anymore) is that we have to be ready and willing to shift over into an online space for selling if and when events are postponed or cancelled.


Looking at what’s going on in the art fair world as well as the rest of the world, it’s my opinion that in-person events aren’t going to make a meaningful comeback (meaning that they will be “on” and well-attended by buyers) until mid to late summer. 


That being said, January is still...

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5 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Website

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Well hey there crafty friend!


You’ve made it through Thanksgiving, and hopefully you are elbow-deep in online orders!


I want to take a moment to give you a BIG pat on the back...

...you have done SO MUCH WORK this year to get your handmade business moved over into an online space. 


You have probably heard me say “progress over perfection”, and if you have taken my advice, then you have gotten your online spaces up and running before you felt ready.


If that is what you have done, then I’m over here cheering for you!

If you are still stuck in the “I don’t know what to do/I’m not ready to be online” space, then consider this your official (gentle) kick in the pants to get moving.

As you move further into the holiday shopping season, it’s...

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Shipping: What you need to know for Holiday 2020

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Well this month is just FLYING by: before you know it the snowflakes will be falling and we will be a-carolin’


This holiday season is all about selling online, which means making, photographing, listing, marketing, selling, and


In true 2020 fashion, this year has been exceptionally difficult for the US Postal Service, which is how the vast majority of handmade sellers ship their products. Financial setbacks and political nonsense have thrown up roadblocks in the system: despite that, the USPS has been pretty true to their credo of “neither rain nor sleet nor snow…” in getting their packages to their destinations.


Effective Sunday 10/18/20 (through 12/27/20), the USPS temporarily increased their rates for the holiday season. If you are charging flat rate shipping...

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Creating a Production Schedule for the Holiday Shopping Rush

organization Oct 11, 2020

Hopefully by now you have taken some time to get yourself organized (or at least started...organization is never really finished!).


With 6-ish weeks to go until Christmas shopping is in full swing, it’s high time to get a production schedule into place. Since the vast majority of shopping will be taking place online this year, this is your chance to really get some great traction in the online side of your business


As an artist, I know EXACTLY how difficult it is to try to corral your creativity when it comes to deciding what to make. I mean...isn’t creative freedom why we do what we do?!

The thing is, though, you are also a business owner...and that means having a plan for how you are going to make money. This is crunch time, and in order for you to make the most of this upcoming holiday sale traffic, you need to be stocked and ready to go.


So, how do you decide what you should make?


Here are a few questions to ask yourself when...

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Find More Time by Organizing

This is the eternal struggle of a handmade business owner:

  1. Make the stuff
  2. Photograph the stuff
  3. List the stuff
  4. Market the stuff
  5. Sell the stuff
  6. Make more stuff

Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Here’s the thing, though...there’s this little thing called “life” that tends to get in the way SOMEWHERE along that process, am I right?!

It may sound counter-intuitive, but hear me out:

This is the PERFECT time to take a step back and get organized.


Now you might be like, Lucy, NOOOOO...I have SO MUCH TO DO! I can’t stop making just to clean up!


Stay with me, though, because I’m going to show you WHY taking this step now will give you loads of time in the future. 


1. Organizing you space (and your materials) gives you an overview of what you have, and what you need

There are few things worse than getting into a making groove only to find out that you are missing an essential component or material. Taking a look at what you have on hand...

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