Time Blocking for Solopreneurs: How Makers get the Time to Make

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So much to make, so little time. This is the plight of every maker, right?

You are likely a solopreneur, meaning that you have to do ALL of the things…

Making your awesome stuff

Listing your awesome stuff on your website

Telling people about your awesome stuff

Interacting with the people who might buy your awesome stuff

Keeping track of how much you spend and earn in your business

Oh, and having a life outside of your business


The truth is, though: we all have the same 24 hours in a day (don’t you kind of HATE when people say that?!), it’s just that we all use it differently. 


Running a handmade business, being a business coach, having students, being a wife and a mom, and trying to squeeze in a socially-distanced social life is a true test of my ability to use effective time...

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