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As many people do, I took a long and winding road to end up where I am today, and my journey has brought me more joy than I could have possibly imagined.

I started my handmade jewelry business, bel monili, in the summer of 2010 with hopes of having a hobby to keep my hands busy. I quickly learned that I had a knack for jewelry design, particularly in my newly defined niche of upcycling vintage costume jewelry and combining uniquely perfect colors and textures in my work. 

I started bel monili the way most others do: small, single-table craft shows at local churches and schools with the occasional sale to family and friends on the side. Fortunately for me, Pittsburgh, PA is an extremely artist-friendly city, and there were no shortage of opportunities for me to show and sell my work.

In 2011, I opened up my first Etsy shop, which proved to be a wonderful success and an eye-opening experience. I learned the ins and outs of product listings, SEO, product photography, and all of the things that go with being a handmade seller in an online world. 

Over the years, I grew my business by jurying into higher quality shows, cultivating a social media following, and nurturing lasting relationships with my audience. In 2017, bel monili hit the 6 figure sales mark for the first time. I took the leap to move my primary online sales over to my own website (using Shopify as the platform) and from there it has skyrocketed.

In 2019, I decided that it was time for me to figure out how I could teach other handmade sellers what I had done to build bel monili. This is how Bloom was born. In this course, I am detailing every inch of how to take a handmade business, refine the details, cultivate a cohesive customer experience, and build a thriving online presence.

When I'm not making jewelry or refining my course offerings, I am working as a speech-language pathologist, mom-ing to the sweetest little girl in the world named Evelyn, and wife-ing to my high school sweetheart Erik.


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