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Makers as entrepreneurs have such a unique set of responsibilities: not only do we have to manage the process of actually physically making our products (while many other product-based businesses simply order theirs), we have to manage all of the ‘business stuff’.


One of the most important non-making tasks in this business is content creation. Content is everything that you put out into the world: your social media posts, photos, videos, pins, blog posts, lives, etc.  


Part of having a strong online presence is being able to be found by your “Perfect Customer”, which means you have to regularly create and share content that will be enticing to them. I don’t mean just posting pictures of what you make...I’m talking about creating real, genuine conversations that build trust and relationships. 


Now, I totally get it: YOU ARE BUSY! 


Chances are that this handmade gig isn’t the only thing you have going on in your life, meaning you have to make the most of the precious few moments you can set aside to work on it.


This is why I am SUCH a huge fan of batch working, social media scheduling, and just generally being as efficient as possible...ESPECIALLY when it comes to the non-making side of things.


If you aren’t already scheduling your social media posts, it’s definitely worth thinking about. While I do love to post “in the moment” if an idea strikes me or if I’m doing something that’s particularly share-worthy, the truth is that sometimes there simply isn’t time in my day (or, it slips my mind) to be posting new content. 


Scheduling your social media posts will allow you to:


✓ Be more consistent in your sharing (you aren’t gonna love ’em and leave ‘em)

✓ Be more consistent in your content (when you are creating all at once in a batch, you can choose a theme or underlying idea)

✓ Start to build up a relationship with your audience (the more you post, the more people will engage...and the more your subsequent posts will show up in their newsfeeds)

✓ Start to see what your audience is interested in (you will see which kinds of posts are getting more engagement, which tells you what to post more of!)

✓ Have more time to go back and engage in real conversations: you can be responding to comments and getting deeper into convos because you aren’t spending so much time on choosing the post pic and writing the copy


There are many different social media scheduling apps out there, but my favorite (and the one I’m currently using) is Later


Later has a free plan that will allow you to schedule up to 30 single image posts per month, per platform, for free. At this time, Later supports scheduling on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  You can choose to work from desktop or within the app (the app is VERY user-friendly!) without any lags or lost content in between. 


I’ve tried out a lot of different scheduling tools for social media over the years, and Later has by far been the best social media scheduling app I’ve found.


Here are some of the features that are available on the free plan (there are upgrades to these when you choose paid plans, but I’m amazed at how much they offer at the first tier!).


Visual Planner


Later offers a visual planner for Instagram that allows you to drag and drop your media into the planner and move them around to create the look you want for your feed. You can easily toggle back and forth between the visual planner and the calendar view: I like to use the visual planner to lay out my feed then move into the calendar view to add my captions and hashtags. 


Unlimited Media


You also have unlimited number of photos and videos that can be stored in your media library, which means you can even batch your graphics by uploading them into your media library in bulk. You can further organize your media by adding tags to sort them, making it even easier to batch your content in a cohesive and visually appealing manner.


Saved Captions


You have the ability to create and save captions, which not only allows you to pre-write your content (batching saves even more time!) but also allows you to create caption templates for yourself that you can quickly add and customize for each of your posts.


Another way to use the saved captions is for hashtag lists. If you have a bank of hashtags (or are building on that), you can create a caption that contains all of your hashtags that you can quickly add either within the post or as the first comment. 


If you upgrade to one of the paid levels, Later has a hashtag suggestion tool that will let you type in a hashtag and will suggest other relevant hashtags to use (along with the use volume for each one). 



Scheduling social media posts using a scheduling tool like Later is a great way to free up some time on your calendar while still remaining consistent with your audience. I highly recommend trying it out: pick a platform that you can post a handful of posts per week and see how it goes. Make sure you are remembering to go to the post and engage in the comments (that is, after all, the point of want to engage with people!) and track your statistics to see if your engagement rate is going up. 


Feel free to use the hashtag #bloombybelmonili to your social media posts so that we can follow along with your business and support you in your growth!



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