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It's time to get some action on your social media

...from actual people who will want to buy your stuff!

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Can you imagine...

  • Knowing exactly how to set up your social media account for your business (no more Googling for help articles!)
  • Having a crystal clear understanding of exactly who your ideal audience is (and what they're looking at online)
  • Quickly creating highly engaging social media posts that will be like a beacon in the night for your Perfect Customers

If this sounds like a faroff dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible (and probable) for you.

I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven system to help you achieve quick, high-quality, visible results in your business.

  • Video instruction on the basics of Facebook and Instagram for business
  • Video instruction of how to audit your social media accounts
  • 7 days of daily challenge research and content prompts
  • A set of fully customizable Canva templates to use for your social posts


Get in on the challenge for just
What is the goal of the challenge?

You will get more engagement on your social posts

...and more eyes on your products!

All in less than 15 minutes a day.

In this challenge, you’re going to learn:

  • How to write an engaging social media post (so that you start to see some action on your page...and in your sales!).
  • How to get people to comment, like, click, and even share your posts (so that MORE of the right people start to find out about your business).
  • How to find and analyze your social media account data...which is one of the secrets to figuring out who your Perfect Customer is!

You'll be given video tutorials, canva templates, prompts, and guides that will make this the easiest (and most effective!) challenge you've ever done.

What happens when it's over?

I'm glad you asked!

Once you have gotten some MAJOR new action on your social media channels, you're going to be jazzed up and ready for more.

After the challenge is over, you will be invited to a free workshop where you will learn my top 5 secrets for successful time management

(because, and day jobs make entrepreneurship HARD!)

Here's the REALLY exciting part, though:

At that workshop, you will get an invitation to join in the next class of Get Online, Grow Online!

We are opening up for enrollment once again, and this is going to be your chance to join the ranks of over 200 other makers who have worked through the Get Online, Grow Online program.

Sound good? Here's a recap:
The Challenge kicks off Friday July 23
  • 7 days of challenge tasks (sent to you via email)
  • Video instructions on the basics (Facebook, Instagram, Canva)
  • More of the right people engaging with your business!
Only $7? Heck yeah, sign me up!

Hi! I'm Lucy.

Chardonnay and vintage finds lover, founder of the handmade jewelry brand bel monili *and* your new guide to making your business WORK online.

11 years ago, I took a few crafting classes with the hopes that I'd keep my hands busy and snackless (oh, the wistful, rational thinking of a 20-something).

It didn't work. I still snack (I never met a block of cheddar cheese and a pack of crackers I didn’t like!)...

But now I do it as the owner of a 6-figure handmade jewelry business — bel monili — that travels around the country (in non-pandemic times) and has been featured in national publications such as Country Living Magazine.

Just like you though, I started my business the way most makers do:


Small, single-table craft shows at local churches and schools with the occasional sale to family and friends on the side.

(Fortunately for me, Pittsburgh, PA is an extremely artist-friendly city, and there were no shortage of opportunities for me to show and sell my work!)


Over time, I realized that I could be getting my work into more hands, and quickly.


After years of trial and error, I ended up opening a successful online shop alongside jurying into higher quality shows, cultivating a social media following, and nurturing lasting relationships with my audience.

And when bel monili hit the 6 figure sales mark for the first time in 2017, I took the leap to move my primary online sales over to my own website and my business has skyrocketed ever since.


But I had an advantage: with a degree in marketing *and* speech pathology, I’ve always had a knack for recognizing how people want to be communicated with.


That’s why I’ve been able to create a successful handmade business; by knowing what my audience wants and identifying WHEN to give it to them — from an engaging website to delivering the content they really want in their emails and posting what’s relevant to them on social media.


I can show you how to build a strong online presence and listen to your audience, too.


Today, I have a thriving brand with excited customers who wait expectantly with their cursor on the 'buy' button, waiting for me to launch my next one of a kind collection…

… and I want to help you find that kind of success in YOUR handmade business.

YES! Sign me up for the challenge!